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Inspired by a leaf stained sidewalk... Durt Ads is an environmentally friendly, nondestructive and highly visible way of advertising your business or event.

Using a pressure washer and a template with your message... we use city grime to create a unique form of advertising.

Carbon Footprint

Your ad campaign is tailored to help keep carbon emissions low, reduce fuel consumption and cause less damage to the environment as possible.  Plain and simple... unique, sustainable outdoor advertising in itís purest form.

Leaf Stained Sidewalk Inspired Ads Shmads! Durt Ads
Ads Shmads! Durt Ads Campaign For Domino's

Our Durt Ads last approximately 3 months, depending on foot traffic and weather conditions.

Socially Responsible

We donate a small portion of each Durt Ads campaign to local community organizations.

Why Durt Ads?

  • Take your message to the feet of your target audience
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long lasting message
  • Your ad dollars help local charities

Call 414.810.2466 to discuss your possible campaign.

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