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Scoot Ads by Ads Shmads!

Our Ad Pilots roam strategic locations displaying your campaign 68 tall x 44 wide on a three sided trailer, pulled by a funky eye catching scooter.

This uniquely alternative campaign brings your message to the people in a way no other ad medium can.

Why Scoot Ads?

  • Take your message to your target audience
  • Head turning concept.  Our three sided Scoot Ads are without equal
  • Illuminated for night time campaigns
  • Navigates easily through traffic.  Can be parked in heavy foot traffic areas
  • Ad Pilots can distribute your promotional material.

When the weather is not conducive for our funky scooters, we can use one of our Mini Coopers to to navigate the campaign.  Coop Ads

Call 414.810.2466 to discuss your possible campaign.

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Ads Shmads! Scoot Ads Campaing For  The Pabst Theater In Milwaukee, WI

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